We buy forest material

According to the clients wish we buy parts or all sortiments that come frome forest chopping. There is a need for forest statement. Forest statement can be optained from local environment office.

Furthermore, made on the basis of measurements of transfer – acceptance act, which says how much and what kind of materials are adopted. Preparation of a statement is required to extract from the real estate register, and an identity document proving the owner’s possession of timber legality. Act on the basis of an invoice.

pdf Materjali pikkused 21.09 Kb

Materjali kvaliteedinõuded:

pdf Kuuse- ja männipalk 11.16 Kb
pdf Kase spoonipakk 10.17 Kb
pdf Kase vineeripakk 10.11 Kb
pdf Kase-, haava- ja lepapalk 9.81 Kb
pdf Kuuse-, kase-, männi- ja haava paberipuit 9.64 Kb